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Conversations with the Irish Diaspora

Irish Voices-Conversations with the Irish Diaspora reaches out to the many millions of people around the Globe who claim connection to Ireland, be it recent migrants or the many generations who have spread far and wide, either through choice, economic hardship and hunger, or in many instances because of religious intolerance or social stigma. Estimations of numbers is near impossible, though it's believed that between 35 and 70 million folk still celebrate and maintain some allegiance to the concept of belonging to such a wide gathering, either in constant devotion or mere tacit association.



This Irish Voices conversation reflects the interweaving story of such a disparate grouping, from the outbacks of Australia, to the heights of a Manhattan skyline, from the pampas of Argentina to the deserts of Arabia, with a million, nay hundreds of millions of stories among them. This podcast/radio programme attempts to unite the Irish Diaspora population withsome of those stories, past and present, reflecting all aspects and influence of Irish Voices over centuries 

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This podcast/radio series is produced by Donagh McKeown, radio presenter producer, who was part of that Diaspora for 5 years as he pursued adventure in the magical land of California, up until late 2019 He also spent 3 years as a broadcaster in the leafy suburbs of Hereford, England, so has a story or two to share, along with insight into the attitudes and experiences of the many who have chosen the "roads less travelled. The programme/podcast will attempt to reflect the conflicting aspects of richness and loss that this collective experience of a migratory people, has had historically and how relevant and important it is today to embrace such a Diaspora as Ireland heads into this 21st century, for both the island, North and south as well as that Diaspora itself.  

Donagh McKeown, freelance broadcaster & podcaster, has spent 30 years in broadcasting, initially in music radio with Downtown Radio in Northern Ireland, before veering towards talk based radio with Northern Sound in the Republic of Ireland, BBC Hereford & Worcester, Townland Radio and Mid 106 in N.I. He is also a noted tour guide in both San Francisco & Ireland 

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