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Donagh McKeown on Radio

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Donagh has been broadcasting for over 30 years as a presenter of music, then news and magazine programmes throughout that time with top stations like Downtown Radio, BBC Hereford & Worcester & BBC Radio Ulster, as a sports journalist. He has also broadcast north and south of the border in Northern Sound, in the North with Townland Radio, Mid 106, BCR, Iur FM and in recent times with Belfast 89 and Armagh City Radio and spent a couple of years broadcasting in California with KKUP FM in Santa Clara and KXSF FM in San Francisco. His "dulcet, nay mellifluous tones" have carried people through sleepless nights on adult contemporary music shows, through day time chat and feature programmes, and he has a wide experience as a podcast maker.  His interviewing skills are legendary, at least in his home apartment in the North Armagh town of Lurgan. He is currently presenting/producing a daily radio programme on

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Join Donagh McKeown and James Finnegan on a brand new daily radio programme on called This Is Irish Life on Mondays through Friday at 5pm BST. It looks at all aspects of life in Ireland, from the arts to visiting all arts and parts, meeting the people and hearing their stories, reflecting just what Ireland is all about, in all aspects of life. We talk to performers, politicians, people and find out just what makes this remarkable island tic. We reflect it's cultural diversity and celebrate it's heroes, perhaps uncover some of it's villains too. Donagh is based in Lurgan, Co Armagh, James in Tralee, Co Kerry. Download the Global Irish Radio App to have us with you, wherever you go! Be sure to join our new Facebook page

Irish Voices and

From Saturday April 16th 2021, Donagh has ventured back onto the airwaves/internet to present a brand new radio programme and podcast around the theme of Irish Voices - Conversations with the Irish Diaspora. In this 2 hour, weekly show, he talks to members of that Diaspora, from around the globe, to hear their stories, past, present and into the future. The programme also includes a variety of music, both recorded and live, alongside the history, art and culture of this small island off the western coast of Europe, whose population has influenced the course of world history for millennia 

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